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Re: Midwife question

I would also ask how many ultrasounds they require and how they generally deliver the placenta (some horror stories from other moms on here made the placenta question a new standard for me).

I would also want to at least meet the OBs who are at the birthing center or hospital you could be transferred to if things go wrong. I always heard that if you dislike one person in your midwife group then fate will make sure that is the person on duty when you go into labor... and now I have to add that if you dislike one person in the whole birthing center then that is the person who will end up trying to take over your birth! At 8 weeks I met an OB I hated, I mean I despised this guy with a passion, but then I switched to the midwife group at my hospital and everything was hunky-dory. Fast forward to my labor: of the dozen OBs at that hospital, who do you think was on call when my baby went into distress and my midwives needed a doc? Yeah. I will not give birth at that hospital again, even though my midwives are stellar, because I refuse to let that man touch me a second time.
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