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Originally Posted by jenn.mcc
I would also ask how many ultrasounds they require and how they generally deliver the placenta (some horror stories from other moms on here made the placenta question a new standard for me).

I would also want to at least meet the OBs who are at the birthing center or hospital you could be transferred to if things go wrong. I always heard that if you dislike one person in your midwife group then fate will make sure that is the person on duty when you go into labor... and now I have to add that if you dislike one person in the whole birthing center then that is the person who will end up trying to take over your birth! At 8 weeks I met an OB I hated, I mean I despised this guy with a passion, but then I switched to the midwife group at my hospital and everything was hunky-dory. Fast forward to my labor: of the dozen OBs at that hospital, who do you think was on call when my baby went into distress and my midwives needed a doc? Yeah. I will not give birth at that hospital again, even though my midwives are stellar, because I refuse to let that man touch me a second time.
I agree with fate and ending up with the dr/midwife you don't like. There's a dr at my current Obgyn practice that I don't really care for and another dr who is pushy with what she thinks should be done (epidurals and stuff like that). That being said even if I feel like that a little with one of the midwives I'm probably still better off. My sil delivered her last two with them. The first was the delivery she wanted and the second she had to be transferred to the hospital. This midwife group is pretty well known and recommended. I just want to make sure I don't miss something big.
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