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Originally Posted by Mac & Cheeses mom

Under 100 there are tons!

Ok mine is the Gaiam one for target I got it on clearance for 30. I have to touch the face plate on it through out the workout to get a proper read (I do this in between exercises or every 4 min or so).

The best are the ones with the chest strap. By far the one I was referred to and I see people use most is the Polar FT4 or Polar FT7. It seems the hardest part to those HRM 's are setting them up. I found the FT4 for 68 on
That's what I was looking in to, the Polar FT4. Some reviews read that it didn't give accurate readings at the ready... But maybe I should just take the plunge?
Do you know if it would work for lap swimming as well? It says water resistant...
The dilemmas!

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