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Re: the updated DS rules

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
It will be VERY hard for any sincere member to be banned under the new rules. Any person, when told that they are violating a policy, says "Gee, sorry, didn't realize I did that". For that person to forget two more times??

This is not overly controlling and is MUCH more lenient then a lot of forums I am acquainted with. It is for the protection of the members that make this site great AND protection for the future of DS.

Unless you are trying to get banned and show a continual pattern of rude behavior, then you should NOT worry a bit.

Okay, so, what I am gathering from this-please correct me if I'm wrong-is that we have to make the SAME mistake 3 times to be the 3 strike policy is per rule, not in total...right?
???? Is this correct?????

Edited: I'm not sure why this isn't being answered...according to the rules, 3 strikes of any kind will be cause for banning, but according to what you are saying Lee, it's 3 similar strikes agains the same rule, because if I get a siggy strike, that is one, but if I say, Post a private message on the forums, how will your past siggy strike be something that would make me remember I can't post private messages on the forum...kwim? Then I have those 2 strikes and then I Use a slogan, sign, etc that indicates membership in an elitist clique or group without realizing I was doing so and BAM I'm banned, but according to you, my past strikes should have reminded me that what I was doing now was against the rules...I just would like clarification of this please.
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