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Re: Unschoolers~~~ Can you give me some insight? Considering loosing the curriculum

I'll share a story about some unschoolers in our community. Basically they only read classical literature to their children and didn't force any lessons whatsoever. When it was time for their oldest to go to college she had to take a placement test and she scored extremely well on English without a single lesson in the subject. I do believe they were very strict about the types of books allowed, probably nothing that would be considered twaddle. The girl did need to take the remedial math class at the college before she could take college algebra but many students take that anyways.

On the other hand we have some friends that are semi-unschoolers and they do formal math and reading/grammar lessons but nothing else. I know all of her kids well and they range in age from college to elementary. They are all very individual kids with different gifts. I think the parents did a great job of letting them run with what they were interested in.

I think I'm somewhere in the middle. I do feel very strongly about a my kids having a solid foundation in reading, writing and math. As for the other stuff I'll introduce it or read books aloud about science/history/etc. but I'm not all that concerned with them memorizing it. I'm not interested in "testing" my kids or having them complete lots of worksheets. Just as long as we are making progress I'm happy.
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