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Re: Unschoolers~~~ Can you give me some insight? Considering loosing the curriculum

I'm kind of where you are right now. I started out thinking I needed a curriculum to teach my kids and with my oldest I have always used a pretty strict traditional school at home curriculum. It has worked reasonably well for him (this year we are finding ourselves a bit bogged down suddenly). Then I started teaching my youngest and he is very different. He hates work books, work sheets, sitting still ect. He hates listening to me and learning anything he isn't interested in. It has been hard but I decided that if I wanted to keep homeschooling him I was going to have to let go a little. When we moved into 2nd grade (a year ahead so I keep telling myself we have some wiggle room if things go wrong ) I finally had to put up the white flag and give in. I don't know what you would call what we do now, kind of Waldorf inspired, kind of child led. I still direct science and history though they are primarily read aloud and then lots of hands on (experiments or crafts/activities/games). The boys are super interested in science not so much in history. Everything else is very based in reading. I read to Tharen and Tharen reads to me. He does have a spelling list every week but I think we may drop that in favor of copy work. We will come back to it later if the copy work doesn't work out. I just don't think the traditional spelling system was working for him. He plays spelling games on the computer and his tablet sometimes. We use manipulatives and a book I read from for math. He really needs to get his hands on things to learn.

Right now Kearnan is still using a more traditional curriculum and I don't know if that will change in the future or not. He is older and has many struggles with his special needs. At the very least we would keep a traditional math and grammar program if we dropped everything else I think. He is weak in grammar/writing and strong in math but needs something to direct him to keep learning. Other than that I might allow him to self direct.
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