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Re: Cold and Rainy Saturday

On the up side we now have a washer. Of course that means I must now make my way through our laundry. But then again I would still have had to do so but with a sick kid at the Laundromat. So even that is not so bad.

I also went to our brand spanking new Ross Dress For Less for the express purpose of purchasing some much needed blankets and bought 2 queen sheet sets, 1 twin sheet set, and a 4 piece bed set for $110(there goes my husband's overtime). The sheet sets were made of minky so I thought they might help us keep the temps down at night by keeping us warmer in bed. They were also badly needed as we only have 1 set of sheets per bed meaning we would be either washing sheets in the middle of the night in the event of vomit on sheets or worse yet simply sleeping on the bare mattress as we only just got our washer(used) yesterday.

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