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Re: Over due please get this baby out

Originally Posted by sharleen (DCDiapers)
I have been induced with my first and it was terrible, but needed to be done because I had pre eclampsia and he was realy sick. The second was 4 days over due,
And now this one.... 3 days now.

I don't mind being overdue, except I keep having false labor to the point of almost vomiting, then it stops once again.

Today I went to the Dr and am 2 cm dialated, had contractions all night 5-7 min apart, no sleep, the runs (sorry TMI) with hard contractions and everything else that goes with labor. They were hard enough to make me almost vomit...... and I had Dh take the day off work too, because I thought it was real once again.

Oh and my Dr stripped my membrains too. But still nothing, contractions stopped again, and no baby yet.
If I did not go into labor 3 times already and still have nothing of it, it would not be so bad.
So now when its real labor, I will probibly stay home because I think it will just stop, and Dh will end up delivering LOL.

So theres my rant once again for the day.
Awwww Baby will be here soon! And, then you'll wish you were pregnant again hahaahah
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