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Re: TTC After Loss Thread

Originally Posted by itsajoi View Post
Screen Name/Real name: itsajoi/ Jena
m/c m/c date(s) at __ along: early March 2012 at 10 weeks
TCC after m/c starting: now I guess....

I hate to sound ambivalent about TTC, but I'm really not sure how I feel. I absolutely know I want more children, but I guess I'm sort of mad at my body (?) or something. I'm mad at the process. I think I've become more mad as I chart and see absolutely nothing that makes sense going on. Right now I'm having my period, I guess, but that consists of gushing bleeding (sorry, tmi) in the morning that dribbles away to nothing by evening. And I mean nothing. Am I supposed to call that a period? I had a temp spike for one day last cycle and then it plummeted and I started this silly period like stuff. I know I should be patient with my body, and it's not even that I'm so anxious to be able to get pregnant, it's just that I feel like my body is being a rebellious teenager or something and it's just annoying. Straighten up and do what you're supposed to already! Again, I realize it hasn't been that long but ugh. I'm pretty confident I haven't ovulated since the m/c at all...I guess I just have sort of lost confidence in my body in this area. I had a miscarriage for no apparent reason, and now it can't even ovulate and menstruate correctly? What makes me think it's going to be able to care for a growing baby correctly.

Wow. Sorry that was sort of a rant against myself. lol. Sorry! What an intro, huh?
Jena, I don't know what others have said yet, but I think I've heard that it can take as many weeks as you were pregnant at the time of your loss for your body to get back on track...sometimes longer

I'm so thankful for this thread can be terribly frustrating to struggle with making sense of why m/c happen and what is going on with our bodies....
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