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Smile Re: Help me menu plan for this week!

Sounds like he would benefit from some "eat to live" recipes and that he has a wonderful dr to recommend changing his diet for improved health.

Oils of any kind, even plant based, provide too many calories and too few nutrients.

Highly recommend buying the book Eat to Live (check out these success stories!) and following any of the recipes on this sister sites to the book: fat free vegan & fat free vegan kitchen. Even if you start small introducing a few of these things a week it is worth a try. Think baby steps, that is how we did it.

Many of the recipes are filling and they are all wholesome and healthy.

My dad dropped his cholesterol levels over 100 points and my dh 60 points in just a few months eating plant based. They are happy and satisfied with every meal they have been served as are my mom and myself. We are eating to live, not living to eat and are all better for it.

I am always surprised when I hear that chicken is better then beef, just compare cholesterol levels, they are almost equally as bad as a rule and chicken worse in some cases. Eating any sort of animal product should be off limits if you really want to reduce cholesterol. And for heaven's sake, don't add shrimp, it has more than cholesterol than anything just about, lol. With a whopping 152 milligrams of cholesterol per 100-gram serving of shrimp (four or five shrimp), just two servings would put you over the daily recommended allowance of 300 milligrams of cholesterol! Comps between beef and chicken

There are so many fabulous substitutes out there. We do not feel deprived in the least, we simply switched ingredients. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to pm me.

Another go to source for us is happy herbivore, she actually sells meal plans, so takes all the planning out of it. Meal plans. I have two of her recipe books, she just came out with a third, which I will be picking up soon. We follow her on Facebook and her blog, she puts plenty of recipes up in those spots. She posts many testimonials of success stories of ppl who follow her plan and plant based in general on her blog and fb.

Cow milk has lots of cholesterol too, we have converted to plant milks like almond and soy. They are delish and even taste great over cereal, in coffee and in baked goods like pancakes. We do not eat eggs either but use egg replacer. This was not an overnight switch, just found our replacements as we went along. We use earth balance for our butter spread. No cholesterol there either.

If he isn't into reading perhaps some movies would help reach him. Some good ones are Forks Over Knives, Food, Inc. and Earthlings. If he does read, try The China Study, The Engine 2 Diet and of course Eat to Live.

Good luck!
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