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Need resources

My 4 month old's preschool teachers keep sending home notes asking for more milk. I am pumping between 11-12 oz daily (I work fill time) and I send what I pump in 3 bottles. He is there from 7:30am until 5:15pm. I nurse at 6am when I wake up and at 6pm when my husband brings the kids home. The baby cluster feeds a lot before bed and wakes up 1-2 times at night. We are actually going through a growth spurt (just learned how to roll over), so I am trying to keep up but feel I have a good supply.

I am looking for specific resources or sentences from articles you might have (not just website links as I know about Kellymom and LLL) to give them that talk about amount of milk needed (like an ounce an hour), cluster feeding at night and reverse cycling, and how milk composition changes as baby gets older (to prove baby doesn't need more).

All the women in our class are breastfeeding so I want to ask if they are getting the same sort of notes being sent home. My guy is one of the youngest in the room.

Thanks for any and all help!!!!!
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