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Re: Alternative to refined sugar?

Originally Posted by CottonMamma
We (& by we I mean me & DCs b/c DH is is about as crunchy as fried chicken & beer) use stevia. It's considered a dietary supplement if you look it up (FDA classification). It's really good IMO. I actually have some sample packets in the FFS section if you wanted them (like little sugar packets). I can send them for a stamp if you wanted to give a try before buying. You can get it online & at health food stores.

Honey is good too - but by honey I mean real honey... not some of the crap you find in the store loaded w/refined sugar.

Depending on what you're doing or trying to sweeten there are lots of other options too - like when I bake a lot of times I will use juice instead of sugar. We generally make our own juice & I often substitute that for sugar in a recipe... there are a lot of things you can "swap" for the bad ingredients & no one would ever notice... not even my DH LOL Sometimes it even tastes better. Like when I make a cake or brownies I use applesauce instead of oil & everyone tell me "wow this tastes so yummy & moist."

My dh is the same way as far as health food goes! I got a bunch of whey protein shake mix, and I even mixed it with frozen fruit, but because it didn't taste like Dairy Queen he wouldn't drink it. Even the kids love it!

We don't use sugar a whole lot except for baking. I want to make recipes that are a little healthier, even for like cookies and things. I didn't know you could use juice! I also want to get coconut oil, it's supposed to be a really healthy alternative to vegetable oil.

If no one else has claimed the samples you speak of, I would love them, just pm me your pp with the amount to send.

Oh, and honey scares me, I'm all paranoid about botulism. If it's safe, do your kids like it?
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