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Minimizing & Maximizing time?

Hope this is ok here if not please tell me how & where to move it.
I am trying to minimize my house we have WAY to much stuff. Lol I pick my son up in the afternoon from school so I usually waiting around 20 +/- min in line. I need ideas of what I can do during that time. In the past I have sorted receipts, cleaned the van, cut coupons, stuff like that but I am trying to figure out how I can minimize stuff while Im sitting in the van waiting. I dont mind bringing stuff with me to do as long as it can fit into a smallish tote bag (or around that size). I thought about if I could come up with some ideas I could just pack whatever up in the bags (maybe 5 at a time?) & place them in my van so they are in there in case I have a few min to spare even if not in car line. I thought I maybe you Awesome Ladies & Gents could help me out with ideas.
Thank you for reading!!
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