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I did not have good luck with the powder at all but love liquid Tide. I wouldn't switch yet but definitely think you need to use more detergent. I also suspect that you wouldn't need the bleach after you got the wash routine down and were using plenty of detergent but I would bleach for now.

We have tried tons of detergents and nothing else works as well for us. Charlie's was great for a while but we eventually got stink. Tide F&G and Country Save were both disastrous and we had constant funk that I couldn't get out (plus tons of staining with Country Save) and Dropps were just WAY too much for our soft water. Plus regular Tide Iltra powder broke DS out in a rash and didn't get our diapers as clean as the liquid. We also tried BacOut but it broke DS out terribly and flared his eczema. Anyway, I hope you can find what works for you. Hopefully increasing detergent will work but, if not, powdered Tide may just not work for you. Good luck!

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