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Originally Posted by alaskamum View Post
Tide powder smells yucky to me--I think my laundry (not just diapers) smells dirty after washing with it. The old Tide powder smelled nice to me, but there is something funky in the new Tide Ultra powder. I'm not sure what it is.
I don't mind the smell of the Tide original liquid (the blue stuff), and I find it works well in the HE version in my FL.
When washing in a top loader, I had great results with Tide Free and Gentle powder and some oxyclean free. Those diapers never smelled like anything, ever, even after a whole night on my dd.
I've never tried the Tide F&G powder. I know when I used the liquid F&G I could NEVER get it to rinse out. The suds were so bad for us, though it was very good at cleaning and the dipes didn't smell like anything. Does the Tide F&G powder rinse out better than the liquid?

I have tried so many detergents and really don't want to switch again, but I'll do whatever it takes to have this stress of constant smelling dipes gone.

I'm about to start another wash now with more Tide ultra than I have been using. Crossing my fingers that this should fix it...
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