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Re: October HCG Diet Support Thread!

Posted in July/August, but copy and pasting here to carry over:

Originally Posted by Connriley
Thanks Mysticmomma! I did a full round in June and did the three weeks P3 but didn't stick to P4. I gained 15 of it back! Do you think if I did another round starting this weekend I could just do ten days of P3 before starting a new round? I'm hoping so?

This is the best reference I read for cycling. I had to read it 3 times through before I felt like I really understood it all though

I cycled between rounds. Here's my history:
I did 26 days of P2 (2/20-3/15) 163.6-145.4= 18.2lbs (not count load lb)
5 days of P3 (3/16-3/20) 145.4-148.0= +2.6lbs
28 days of P2 (3/21-4/17) 148.0-135.5= 12.5lbs lost
14 days of P3 (4/18-5/1) 135.5-138.3= +2.8lbs
29 days P2 (5/2-6/2) 138.3-127.9= 10.4lbs
26 days P3 (6/3-6/27) 127.9-131.3= +3.4lbs
28 days P2 (6/28-7/25) 131.3-118.7= 12.6lbs
22 days P3 (7/26-8/16) 122.5-124.4= 1.9lbs
50 days of P4 (8/17-10/5) 125.5-130.1= +4.6lbs
started back P2- October 6th loading

My husband did a full P2, 10 day P3 (had trouble stabilizing), 7 day P2, and a full P3- and doing that extra week cycle in there helped him. He stabilized perfectly after that.
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