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Re: Is it just me or are wahm diaper prices on the rise?

Originally Posted by boysniris View Post
I would love a link for how I could buy something at a wholesale price for 10 yards or fewer Coops are one option, but otherwise you'd have to buy a 25 - 30+ yard roll of fabric to buy at wholesale price (at least from what I can tell) which is not always practical for a smaller WAHM w/lower volume.

ETA --> that want to offer more than 2-3 fabric choices
Most standard bolts of fabric are 15-20 yards. But it depends on what it is. For hemp and bamboo, they may have to be special ordered. The major wholesale distributors of fabric and notions in the US are and I used to work for one of them. I understand being a small WAHM, that's what I was and could never afford to invest enough to buy in quantities wholesale to make my business actually profitable. However the one WAHM I'm thinking of that has a very popular business and sells fitteds for $45 each..I'm sure is "big" enough and getting her fabrics at cost. So, I guess it might boil down to knowing you have a popular product and that people will pay the cost, so the price goes up and up. That to me seems a little like greed. But it's not my place to judge.
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