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Re: First babies.. early, on time, or late??

36w3d - I have a bicornuate bicolis uterus, though. It's a uterine anomaly that developed when I was about 7-9 weeks in utero. My uterus is divided exactly in half from top to bottom, meeting only in the last few centimeters above the cervix. The two halves function as separate uteri and only the one that carries the baby grows. It is half the size of a normal uterus and my high risk OB says it is very irritable about having to stretch so much to accommodate a term baby that it just can't get that far. 36w is pretty good, though, considering and my little 5lb7oz'er did great! We only stayed at the hospital 24 hours and he had no complications other than needing a little assistance to start breathing right at birth. I hope the next baby makes it that far and does just as well. We were all so surprised and so grateful for his good health.
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