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DD sick, HELP!

So my DD is almost 11 months old and has never really been sick before. Yesterday it started out as her feeling really warm, but not having a fever, and she was just not herself. She would still play, but she would also just sit on your lap and just cuddle to you, which is completly not her. Then she had a low grade fever, about 99, off and on, but still wasn't whiny or crying, just not her normal all over the place self. And she pretty much slept all day long.

Today she was fine in the morning, then afternoon she started with low grade fever again and is just sitting on me and sleeping a lot off and on. I just took her temp again and it is 100.1 and she is starting to get a little whiny. I really don't want to give her any fever reducer because I know that fever is the body's natural way of fighting off things.

We did go camping this weekend, no one that we were around was sick that I am aware of.

I just hate seeing her so uncomfortable. I won't be taking her into a pedi or anything so is there things I should do here at home, besides just cuddling with her? She has taken the formula and ate today like normal, it seems like it just gets worse as the day goes on. Any ideas?
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