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Re: Implantation Bleeding? When to test?

I generally get my BFPs between 11-14 DPO - so maybe see if she wanted to wait another 4-8 days and then test. This time around I got mine at 12 dpo and if I remember right from all of my ttc junk most people get their BFP around then? Eh - in any case - see if she could hold out another week as I think that would put her further into the time where she would test positive. I could never hold out that long, though, so maybe have her pick a day somewhere in that 11-14 day range and say she won't test until then. Tell her good luck!
Oh wanted to add that the time I concieved this time around I had 70+ day cycles - so mine were in no way regular either. I did get my BFP pretty fast - so there shouldn't be any worries there! Just see if she can wait it out a few more days!

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