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Re: Help! At a loss...

I wish there was a magic solution too! I've never been on any hormonal BC, and don't plan on it. Currently we use condoms (and WD sometimes, eh, not the best idea, I know). I haven't had a PPAF yet, but I will probably go back to FAM when my cycles regulate (with condoms during fertile times). I HATE condoms though, DH doesn't care at all, but I still feel its the best solution right now. I have been thinking about the paraguard, and then I see stories like yours and think maybe not (along with other reasons). Whats left? Diaphragms? There not as effective as condoms though, and still have to remember to use them. UGH, it just sucks. I hear they are trying to develop a non-permanent vasectomy in India, hope it works out!
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