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Re: Help! At a loss...

I just started poking around this forum ( my youngest is 2wks now). Op you sound just like me! My Dh feels he is done(we have 4) having babies but I'm not to the point where I feel 100%"done". I won't take anything hormonal anymore (tried pills and the patch). I've had the Mirena before for 2 years and hated it. My cycles were crazy unpredictable. 2wks of bleeding and cramps with leg pain then nothing for 2 months, then 2 AFs in a month I took it out when we decided to try for #3.
I've thought about NFP but hear so many oops stories or ovulating twice in a month out of nowhere, etc... Dh and I hate condoms and I don't want to have to fool with a diaphram.
I'm feeling more like giving in to my Dh getting a Vasectomy. We have used withdrawel successfully many times but I know thats not to smart.
Hopefully others can weigh in some more!
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