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Re: Not sure if I should trust my gut or not, help me please?!

It is difficult to say. Exessive urination in the absence of blood sugar issues may simply be a child who likes to use the restroom which can be pretty common. An organ at the high end of normal is still normal. No real reason for the docs to alert you to a normal test result unless they were really concerned amd that's why they tested.

Intermitent andominal pain can be just about anything from hunger or constipation to something serious. It does sound like he is being followed for the reflux.

Ticks are common in children on the spectrum as can be a fascination with toileting and a hyperawareness of sensations, like hunger, etc. Lethargy can come from heart issues, could be lots of things.

It sound like your LO has a lot going on that may be causing some of the issues you are observing. My suggestion would be to find a primary care physician who will serve as a case manager and wiill coordinate the care of all of the specialists. Without knowing what specialists you LO sees and why, it is hard to say whether you are looking at red flags that aren't being addressed. It does sound like your GI doc could be more aggressive in treating the reflux. Do you have someone working on the feeding issue?

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