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I think I have to swtich MWs :(

Our first visit she was all confident and saying I wouldn't have to pay out of pocket. She said she has to fight the insurance (medicaid) but that we'd get it. I'm not sure exactly what changed her tune, but at yesterday's visit, she was 100% sure they'd deny us. And the appeal process is long and they usually deny in the end anyway. I don't know why she didn't tell us the first visit. I've sat here for 5 weeks I could have been looking for someone else to explore our options, thinking everything was honky dory and I had not a care in the world about money because insurance would cover it. (She has our own birth center - she doesn't work in a hospital.)

She did point me in a good direction. So now I have to call Toledo Hospital MWs. I'm staying optimistic. DH was really, really bummed. Being back in a hospital terrifies me. I don't want an IV. I don't want to be strapped to a bed on monitors (VBAC), I wanted a water birth (they have showers, but no tub anymore), I just DIDN'T want to labor in a hospital and forced to push on my back.

On the bright side - I'd have nurses to wait on me. I'm sure DH wouldn't do a good job waiting on me after a birth center birth, which could have ended up making that a bad experience. I'll be IN the hospital incase anything bad does happen. Everyone I know will be pleased I'll be in a hospital. And we won't have to pay anything out of pocket.

We heard baby's heartbeat yesterday. Kept kicking or moving to get away from monitor. And it was hard to find because she says my placenta is RIGHT in front. So that might mean I don't feel movement as soon as others either. (But that made me slightly worried because I heard that its BAD if the placenta forms over the csection scar....)

I really hate the process of finding a care provider, .. blah... but trying to stay optimistic taht I'll like the hospital MWs. I really, really, really hope they are able to take on VBACs.
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