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Re: to circ or not to circ

Originally Posted by Puppydog View Post
Good point. I never thought of it that way.

We wouldn't have out labia chopped off for a yeast infection. Why would a man have his foreskin removed for the same thing? Very odd.
In my very long post above, I link to an article about a circumcised woman who commented on a blog that her circumcision prevented her from getting infections, and that her sex life is normal. You see, it's all in what your culture considers normal. For over 100 years, our culture considered foreskins to be dangerous and useless, and so that is what we think.

In addition, many people have an attitude like doctors are infallible gods, and so never question their recommendations, which is a problem sometimes, as doctors are people, too, and just as much products of their culture as anyone else. This is why the AAP changed its stance slightly, though the rest of the world still thinks they are nuts, and there is a scientific article to be published this winter in which doctors from around the world call out the AAP's new position as culturally biased and medically wrong.

Foreskins are not dangerous, and they are worth preserving. Even if being circumcised did prevent some condition, the choice on whether that potential benefit is worth the loss of complete sexual functioning should remain with the man who owns the foreskin. In lynn97's example above, why do you think that adult man who "has to" be circumcised is dreading it so? I am sure he (or she) would say that he wishes it had been done when he was an infant and did not remember. But his problems are not destined to happen to every man who has a foreskin, and so perhaps other men would not have liked to make that trade. My mother had breast cancer and had a mastectomy. She does not wish her breast had been removed at birth.

The reason why circumcision continues is because it is forced on an infant, removing his choice, so that his only psychological defense as an adult is to believe very strongly that what was done to him without his choice was actually a very good thing. Consider the alternative: he has to admit that his parents chose to remove part of his penis and he cannot get the whole thing back. That's a much more painful thought. If you could somehow get the culture out of the way (which you cannot), and you asked men, "Would you like to have more of your penis that moves around and provides even more sensation?" what do you think they'd say? It's only our culture and some very deeply buried feelings that allow circumcision to continue. Luckily, we have some brave men now who speak out that they are not happy to be circumcised, and more and more men are joining them to end infant circumcision.

Originally Posted by lynn97
I am done replying to this thread. It is fine that you are all passionate about your decisions but I am equally passionate about mine. When DH and I discussed this topic, we looked at the AAP recommendations and statistical data. Most if the data I have seen quoted here has been declared questionable at best by reputable sources. (Yes, I realize many if you completely di do not trust most large medical authorities). I believe time will tell with all of us what is best but I do not think that either way is "wrong" per se; still, I get really tired of seeing a lot if misinformation quoted as the gospel on threads like these. I am sure many of you feel the same about people like me. We shall have to agree to disagree.
First, it is not about whether you or I or anyone else on this thread is wrong, and we do not need to agree to disagree. What is at issue here is not our egos, but the rights of all people, men included, to decide what happens to their bodies. It is not some abstract issue that constantly causes drama on parenting fora. We should not let the hurt feelings this can cause obscure the fact that we are talking about babies who will grow to be men, and who have rights, and who may be very unhappy they were circumcised.

What questionable data has been presented? Even if all the data did not exist, there is a basic moral argument against infant circumcision that remains:

-It is not your body. You will not live with the consequences.
-Given that people claim both benefits and risks to circumcision, and that we cannot know whether a man will be happy to be circumcised, only the owner of the penis should be the one to balance those risks and benefits and make the decision for himself.

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