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Re: to circ or not to circ

Originally Posted by Puppydog View Post
I know 3 women who have had double mastectomies because they developed breast cancer.
I still have my breasts.
Originally Posted by Puppydog View Post
Good point. I never thought of it that way.

We wouldn't have out labia chopped off for a yeast infection. Why would a man have his foreskin removed for the same thing? Very odd.
Originally Posted by Joyful Tie Dyes View Post

Funny that this "had to be circed as an adult" thing pretty much only happens in the US...

And the risks are much lower for adults. In addition an adult can choose for themselves whether or not to have this procedure.
As a circing pregnant mamma who is open to being educated on the matter I am going to say that the first two comparisons are just ridiculous inflammatory comments. RIC exists in the US, so these comparisons are silly to even bring up, they make no sense. I believe that the posters that made them are well aware and are really not trying to further the intact cause, they have a superior mindset and could care less as long as they think they are right.

The last one is a matter of opinion, I along with many others still say it is a parenting choice, and by telling me it is not seems ridiculous as well. Once again RIC exists, so I get a choice. Your opinion on whose choice it is holds no water with me so using that as a supporting reason again is useless.

If you use these types of inflammatory comments in any of your reasoning I will guarantee you have lost my interest. If you are truly out to help a cause you already know this though, constantly putting people down for their choices and attempting to make yourself feel superior doesn't do any good, but you already know that. If you provide factual and reliable (some of the sources I see a lot are questionable imo) information you have a better shot at getting peoples attention. It looks like a lot of you intactivist are not really out to help a cause but out looking for some entertainment for the day by being rude and nasty to those who make choices that differ from you own.
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