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Have you ever attended the birth of a child, not your own?

I was talking with a friend recently, and we thought it was very interesting that many people we know have never attended the birth of a child (other than their own, of course!) [not including medical professionals and doulas ]

So I was wondering, how many women here had attended another birth. You know, back in the days of "the village environment" women helped birth babies, it was just what was done, but now, most women have never seen a baby born (not on tv).

I was lucky enough to assist my SIL during the birth of my niece. It was so amazing and wonderful. My DD was 6 months old at the time, so my own birth was very fresh in my mind still. . . but seeing it firsthand was so much more powerful and miraculous (oddly enough) than experiencing it (even without an epi!) I actually started crying when my neice was born, but when my DD was born, I think I was so relieved it was over, I didn't do anything but sigh a big sigh of relief.
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