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Originally Posted by 1sttimemommy
Unless it's a brand I've never heard of, you should NEVER leave your stone in the oven unless it's being used. The rule of thumb w/ stoneware is that unless 2/3 of the surface is covered you can cause a thermal shock to the product that can cause it to shatter worse case... best case you're causing tiny cracks throughout that weaken the stone which may cause it to shatter when filled w/ food.

Also, stones are usually only rated to around 450 so should never be used in a broiler and def. never during a self clean cycle.
I think this only applies to Pampered Chef stoneware to limit their liability. I have a bunch of stoneware and PC is the only one I have ever heard should not preheated (but I do anyway).
My Old Stone Oven pizza stone is preheated every time I turn on my oven and of course for pizza which I do at 500. It is recommended to preheat their stoneware. The stone will be 10 years old in march and still going strong. However, I would not clean my oven with it in there, too hot and for too long to risk my beautiful fully seasoned pans.
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