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Re: Basically it's Friday!

Originally Posted by redgirlsmama View Post
From what her regular aid and the teacher said the party she wasn't invited to and the end holiday crazies combined to put her on edge. She was being annoying and the other girls know how to get her going. She is high functioning autistic. I saw her getting upset but then when the girls started playing with her I thought they were being nice not manipulating her . And I am a little unsure of how much I am supposed to intervene. She needs to learn to do the right thing. IDK
IDK either. I know ADHD and Autistic are all on the same sort of wave although also different.

It's better to think of ways to distract and engage her into doing something that's totally distracting when something like that is happening.

I know it'd be great if she could learn to cope with these things but I think that's why you're there...because she cant learn to do that and she needs the supervision to help her avoid these things.

I'm not a doctor so I've no way of really knowing what to do in this situation...Maybe Becky would be better to talk to about this? She has Autistic son. He's older than your girl at work though.
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