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Re: Basically it's Friday!

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
IDK if you are looking for tips, but here's a few that helped me with the autistic kiddos.

First, learn their triggers. Now you know being excluded from something is one of them. That is powerful knowledge. You can curb a lot of drama by redirecting her from stuff she is likely to be excluded from. And selectively allow her to deal with in on a small scale in a controlled environment, if you want to.

Second, learn her rage cycle. You could probably google it, but there is a bell curve with rumbling, rage, and recovery. The problem is there is no teachable moment when they are on the curve in any of the three stages. There is only redirection, behavior management, etc. So when you learn the triggers and see the rumbling, you might be able to redirect and stop the rage cycle. If not, you have to ride it out and not try to get her to see reason/do the teachable moment thing while it is going on. So basically once the rumbling is escalating you most likely have no chance of preventing the meltdown.

Third, you find what they are really good at, especially that other kids like. Then point them in that direction as much as you can.

Like I said, I know you weren't asking for help, but I know how selfdefeating it feels after they melt down, and I thought I'd throw in my pearls of wisdom to let you know it isn't your fault and how maybe you can prevent or better manage it in the future. Because it is going to happen, that's why they need you there.
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