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We actually switched to a ped that treats reflux very aggressively, my good fried is a nurse with a pediatric GI and when I told her TLs med protocol she said it was the most/aggressive medications her dr would prescribe for an infant- she is on benethechol, Prevacid, and maalox. We had her on nexxium instead of Prevacid for a while but it didn't help so we went back to the Prevacid

When she was 3 weeks old I took dairy out of my diet but it didn't help so I went back on it but recently I went paleo so I've cut dairy, grains, processed sugar, and legumes out of my diet, I know it takes 2 weeks to get out of my system so I'm praying it might help but I doubt it will, I have no faith right now.
after waiting so long my baby girl Terra Lynn was born august 2 2012!

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