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Re: Common Core article

Mama*Kim and cbreeding thanks for those thoughts. Yeah I am big on the there isn't a one size fits all solution for how students ought to learn certain things and about there being different methods to get to the same solution. So, I'm curious what the other methods to solve the math problem are now! I sent the problem to my dad and he came to it with one of those other ways to solve it.

Now I have another issue with that particular test question though. It looks like a multiple choice question (but maybe I'm missing something?) If it's relying on tens then the only choice someone can pick is D in the first place. Anyone can get to that through guesswork if they know all you need to do is narrow it down by figuring out tens. And how would the teachers know the answer was figured out incorrectly? Are they supposed to write down all the steps to how they figured it out? That photo only shows room to circle the D. Just musing.
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