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Re: Common Core article

Originally Posted by Spicymustard View Post
I went to all the common core trainings at my school (middle level) before quitting to be a SAHM. In theory the new set of standards are updated and are a better reflection of what skill sets kids need when they leave school. I liked the look of some of the standards we were looking at. I think the method of testing might be rough for a lot of kids. As stated above, you don't get full credit unless you pick the correct reason why you got the answer. Kids especially who are currently in the system will have a hard time because they were not taught like that from the get go.

My feelings on it are meh. New set of hoops to jump through.

My mom teaches first grade and is on the common core transition team at her school and she LOVES common core. She likes that they are letting them (the transition team) come up with their own curriculum. More freedom. She has told me that some of the concepts seem too abstract for the age. She has also told me that her school is pretty divided on hating CC and loving it.
Ok, so, does Common Core actually lay out the specific methods of assessing mastery of the standards in addition to the actual standards themselves? Is it actually providing specific lesson plans and methods of teaching the standards?

I have seen all sorts of posts and articles and comments about how kids arent robots and one style of teaching doesnt fit all and standardized testing is awful, etc etc. But I can't find all those things on the common core website. Am I missing something?
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