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Proud of DD1 school(off of school lunch)

If you read the school lunch post you knew I was upset about the fact they were feeding the kids graham crackers and milk if they owed money. I was worried it was nutritious enough, and this kind of goes off of that.
Got a letter in her backpack yesterday about how they got a grant and will be doing 15 raised beds for fruits and veggies which will be used in the cafe at the school and they will be updating their green house! The green house hasnt been used for a while and its been holding wood, they are fixing it and using it for what its met for. All food they grow will go to the cafe in school AND they are offering not 1 but 2 classes for parents to help them make better choices when they go grocery shopping. They will show you whats bests to buy and some recipes. I myself will be going to one of them on Tues. I was so proud of them and happy that they are doing this!
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