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Re: Blessed with Children Struggling for More, Week of July 24th

No rush Heather! Enjoy your solo shopping trip!

Melissa: Eeck. They make you loopy? I'm starting IUI this cycle w/femara but I'm afraid we're likely going to make the switch to injectibles in a month or 2.

AFM: AF finally showed this morning. I'm glad bc I just want to move on to this next cycle since I knew I wasn't prego. I called the fertility clinic to report my cycle day 1. Start femara tomorrow. I think today is good timing to hopefully have the IUI on the weekend. So I guess I will go in for my ultrasound on day 10 and then give myself the trigger shot a few days later. And they finally did approve my prometrium for after O. I've been taking it, per my OB's orders, but my RE didn't think I needed it. Once I stated my case and told them there was no way I was spending close to $1000 on this and not taking it, they said it was fine. But he wants me to take 100mg 3x/day instead of the 200mg 2x/day I've been doing. That is slightly more annoying. Oh well. I just ordered a ton of mama cloth liners for that purpose.

I was looking for my missing orange mama cloth pad that my daughter hid months ago. She's totally obsessed with them and calls them "soft things". I turned the house upside down this morning. In the process I found all the newborn diapers, etc. My daughter has been potty trained for a few months now. Made me a little sad. I was hoping to have someone using those again by now. Ah well, some day. And I was so proud that I actually found what I was looking for, hiding in the guest room armoire. LOL. That is so rare.
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