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Originally Posted by Hungry Caterpillar

Here's the thing, though, although I do understand that normally this would be a great warning from a Mod that would generally prohibit kicking an OP when down --

This isn't a vent thread, or a WWYD, or anything like that. This is a medical situation that cannot be determined if dangerous by mamas on the DS Parenting Board. This is absolutely an ER or Poison Line situation. This is one case where some heavy-handed YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE TO THE ER AND NOT DS comments would be absolutely in the best interest of this board and all the parents reading it because it would be heavy reinforcement that accidental ingestion of medicine necessitates medical attention.

Sometimes these threads are not only a lesson for the OP, but the entire community.

And this is not to be seen as attacking the OP - I very much enjoy her posts and both her and SerenaJean as members of this community, I just think in this case a Mod warning right off does a disservice to how serious this situation is and may minimize how others feel down the road when in the same position.

Just my opinion.

I hope everything is well with your daughter, OP.
Completely agree and op sending good thoughts for you and your daughter.
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