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Re: Teaching reading to an uninterested child

Originally Posted by Suzi View Post
I come on here to get tutoring ideas for my boys. All of my kids go to ps. What got my son into reading was the accelerated reading program they started in 1st. I have no idea if it costs to do it. Its online, we look up books all the time. He reads a book then takes a test on it. he gets a dog tag at school at certain intervals. These dog tags seriously motivate him for some reason. All of our motivators before didn't work at all but a dog tag with his name and points on it does the trick.
I think we are going tod the book it program a Pizza Hut. DH works at Pizza Hut and they love going, but we can't always afford it. We use Pom poms as rewards for chores and ugh, they pick a goal together, right now they are saving up their Pom poms for the SkylandersGiants game. Maybe I can do something similar jus for Lexi for reading.
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