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Please pray for DS... (kinda long, i'm a wreck!)

My son Hayden had surgery on Thursday morning (the second in a series to correct undescended testicles, bi-lateral testicular hernia, and hypospadias.) He cmae through it fine and we thought he was recovering well.

Saturday afternoon he started vomiting. I thought it was just a fluke thing, so I let it go until yesterday. He can't even keep clear liquids down. He acts fine and has no fever... he hasn't even been taking many meds for pain.

I contacted his surgeon yesterday, who said that it is unlikely that the symptoms are related to his surgery, but since he also hasn't had a bowel movement since his surgery- that he may have a compacted bowl (which could contribute to the vomiting as well) and he suggested that we try a glycerin suppository.

I called his pediatrician to make sure that was the route he thought I should take (I didn't want to make him go through that if he thought there was a better option.) He prescribed a post surgery anti nausea medication to stop the vomiting and also suggested the suppository.

Although I didn't give him the script (some of the side effects were scary- so I decided to hold off unless absolutely necessary!) I DID give him the suppository. It didn't work. He sat on the toilet for 1/2 hour last night and NOTHING came out. I read on the bottle that if the glycerin does not induce a bowel movement that it could be a sign of a deeper problem and to contact a doctor.

I weighed him this morning, and he is down from his pre-surgery weight of 41 pounds to only 34 1/2! He cannot have anything in his system, but nothing that he ate on Thursday, Friday or part of Saturday has come out...

He has a doctors appointment today at 3:45, but I am really worried that there is something seriously wrong here. He is acting fine, doesn't have a fever or anything... he just says his tummy hurts and that he's hungry. But, we're BOTH afraid of him eating anything because he'll just throw it up.

I am SO scared!
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