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Re: How much breast milk does your 4-5 month old consume?

Originally Posted by Kelsey5783 View Post
We're still using the lowest flow nipples from medela- he takes them fine so I don't see any reason to switch. Man this bottle thing stinks I wish I didn't have to go back to work. Hopefully we both adjust. Thanks for all your input.
I don't find the slow flow medela nipples to be all that slow. They are what we use, and I remember the slow flow disposable nipples the hospital gave us were much slower when we initially were pumping and bottle feeding due to latch/jaundice issues. But a slower flow preemie nipple might be frustrating to your little one in it's own way, and if you think it's working then I would stick with what you got.

I was initially sending three 3oz bottles, but after awhile my little guy started trying to hold out for me and often ether skipped the third bottle or would have it right before I got there. I can't always get out of work on time so I didn't want to ask them to drop the third bottle in case I got stuck on a supervisor call or something. So I started sending just a 2 oz bottle for the third one as a hold over bottle with the idea that I'd be there soon and he could just eat right away if he needed to.

I know if I put 4oz in his bottle he would drink it because it is there, but daycare hasn't mentioned him being hungry still. It might take some experimenting to find that balance between satisfied and drinking it because it is there.

In an ideal world you'll be able to pump what your little one eats while you're at work. If he really does eat that much in one breastfeeding session you'll hopefully be able to pump that much in one pumping session. In the less than ideal world I sometimes come up a little short and add have to add a before or after work pump session.

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