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Originally Posted by lady longs
I totally understand, respect, and agree with your conclusion. And would likely make that conclusion myself. I spend the bulk of my cd money at small companies like hers for those exact reasons. Prob 80% of my cd money goes thru these small companies.

At the same time, I think that public bashing of companies on forums like this should be reserved for extreme situations - like not issuing a refund, holding money and not sending products, severe back orders without communication and the holding of funds. Negative feedback on places like these has serious ramifications for companies. And things like not saying "thanks" is really not a reason, IMO, to bash a company publicly.

It is, however, a perfect reason to make a personal decision not to support that company ever again and, instead, re-route your money to more friendly and grateful mama run business.
A public forum where we can talk about anything? A teach we dislike. A car brand that sucks in our experience? Or how about a cereal company that we found a plastic piece in.. But if it's a DIAPER company people call foul...

I find that.. Interesting...
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