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Re: If you did a more natural c-section...

I would think so!
I was planning VBA2C with my last, but at 36 weeks, changed my mind. Had a talk with my midwife and my OB, and they were all for a "natural" aka Family centered c/s- it was new to both of them, but I emailed links to some videos, and then met with them to discuss what they could do for me. OB said it really came down to the anestesiologist- and I was able to talk to him the morning of and discuss things- he was ok with stuff as long as my OB approved.

Anyway- what I ended up with is very close to what I envisioned- my arms were never strapped down, drape was removed for delivery so I could watch- incision was made smaller so DD could be squeezed out more, then the cord was delayed clamping for a minute (not the 3-5 minutes I had wanted) and they used a breastfeeding friendly clamp that i provided. THey did take her to the warmer for a quick initial assessment- but then brought her to me, removed my gown, ekg leads and laid her naked on my bare chest between my breasts and covered us both with blankets. She was latched on an nursing before we left the OR!

I would definitely talk to the doc sooner rather than later- since time is on your side!

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My perinatologist is the head of the perinatology department at that hospital and at least one other (he doesn't deliver at the other one I know of). Wouldn't he have some clout to help me?
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