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Re: If you did a more natural c-section...

Originally Posted by vicky View Post
I think it is all about the hospital too. I just delivered Wednesday at a Woman's hospital, and it was the most amazing of my three birth experiences. The hospital was definitely geared for bonding. I hadn't really had a chance to think about options or anything. I delivered at 35 weeks 5 days after being on bedrest for 5 weeks in the hospital for 2 of those. When I delivered, I went to the section with so many questions. I asked them not to strap down my arms, and the dr was like- we never do that. They took her out and had a NICU team check her since she was early. However, they had the warmer, checking station about 10 feet from me and right where I could watch everything. They explained everything they were doing (which was nice since it took my mind off of my tummy being open and in the middle of surgery!). My other two kids were taken out of the or and brought to a nursery out of my sight. It was comforting to watch and be a part of her first minutes. They dried her off but wouldn't bathe her. Then, after checking her out, they made my husband hold her the rest of the time after they discovered she was fine. As soon as I was on the movable bed, they told me I needed to hold her while we left the OR. I was like, no way, I am shaking way too bad to hold her. They opened my gown and papoosed her to me! It was crazy. Then, in the recovery room, the nurse was literally nursing her for me in my bed- less than 30 mintues after I had her! I had all kinds of gunk hooked up to me and was shaking way too bad to try and nurse her myself. It was such a wonderful experience. It is never ideal to have your tummy cut open, but this experience was so much better and was wonderful. It was due to the hospital's rules and policies, though.
Make sure to let the hospital know. These days they are VERY interested in patient feed back. At least the ones local to us are.
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