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Originally Posted by MsGiggles
Eek! Mine started doing that at 2yrs - are you saying it will return?!

To solve ours, I went back to what we do with excessively annoying behavior during the day; into your room with the door closed until you are ready to be nice. Sorry you're going through that. I hate it when I get to the end of my rope!

She has a gate up and the door open at night and LOVES that little bit of freedom, so now when she's put in bed - especially if the bottom lip starts trembling for no good reason - I remind her, you stay in your bed & quiet and the door can stay open! I usually give one warning (point back to bed, if you are up again the door closes) before following through.

Is there some sort of extra comfort/desire of her that you can remove when she does this? If not, try silent return to bed with ABSOLUTELY NO discussion to her. (I've pretended to talk on the phone to a friend to make it clear I'm not giving child attention & that's worked - again on younger kids tho.)
This. We just shut his door and ignore him. Once he's asleep I open it again.
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