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Re: What do you have to do?

Originally Posted by threec's View Post
Love this idea! My c-section is scheduled for 2 weeks which makes it easier to plan.

I need to:

*Keep house clean! Yikes!
*Type up CD washing instruction for hubby
*Type up a schedule and important phone numbers for my two boys
*decide on and buy some pre-folds!

I've done:
*Nursery is READY
*Hospital bag is packed in case I go early
*made lactation cookies*
diapers I have are prepped
*house WAS clean... 2 boys have undone. This will happen every day

With the third, I feel like I don't have that much to get ready, just keeping these little things kept up, and round out my NB stash. Having my DS's 4 and 2, makes keeping everything tidy and perfect impossible, and getting a lot of extra things accomplished. So I'm trying to be as relaxed as possible and not stress myself out!
What are lactation cookies?
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