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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 24th - Mar 2nd

I'm up early after a lousy nights sleep... I have a sore patch on my ribs lower left back/side. I think it's pulled muscles from finishing the basement floor last weekend. And my other side only makes it half way through the night. Now I'm trying to figure out what else i need to do on baby's room. But the only really outstanding thing is the curtains and the hanging of the rod is my dad's task and my mom has the fabric and grommets and they are both sick so I'm not going near them. So I guess it will be back to cleaning and organizing other rooms.

I'm a bit jealous of you ladies with small babies... my U/S last week shows my little one at 35 weeks 6 days... except I'm only 33 and 4. I'm still measuring normal though... Dr just looked at me and said "well you're tall that's probably it" so hopefully he won't actually be huge. Otherwise he got full points on the U/S and looks great.

And would Date Squares count.... I could eat those endlessly. But yeah plain dates creep me out.
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