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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 24th - Mar 2nd

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
Hope everyone has a good day
Argh. I'm grumpy and tired today.
I'm going to get some laundry and chores done... and then I might go to town by myself - go to the baby "boutique" store that I won't take any kids in, lol, look for some more yarn, get a couple things for hospital bags (pp pads, nursing pads, pacis for Hiccup), etc. Oh, and get our poor doggie some more food!
Hoping getting away for a few hours will take away the feeling that I just want to run away

Originally Posted by KendallMarie View Post
I'm up early after a lousy nights sleep.

I'm a bit jealous of you ladies with small babies... my U/S last week shows my little one at 35 weeks 6 days... except I'm only 33 and 4. I'm still measuring normal though... Dr just looked at me and said "well you're tall that's probably it" so hopefully he won't actually be huge. Otherwise he got full points on the U/S and looks great.
Ugh, sorry about the bad nights' sleep. I had one last night, too.

They give a window of 2lbs +/- for u/s, so it's really hard to tell by that alone. I would say go by how baby feels... but you don't have others to compare it to, lol.
If baby is longer, especially long legs, he's going to be "bigger" on u/s - they measure and then the machine spits out a weight guess based on length - but it's always the same ratio, kwim?

Originally Posted by momneedssupport View Post
I have a feeling this one is bigger than my other two were. Figures since im hbing this time.

Today is consignment sale shopping......for all 3 kiddos. Ugh. Dh wants me to keeep it at $100, but im not sure that possible. I need baby clothes for newborn to 6 months.
Like I said above, go by your feelings of baby's size, not the u/s guess and not even how big or small you are. I've had a pretty good feeling about all the boys' sizes - DS1 felt the same as DD (1oz difference), DS2 felt bigger than them both (was 1lb+ bigger), and the one OB who wanted to induce me (NOT my own OB) kept telling me DS3 was huge, well over 9lbs... I felt like he wasn't as big as DS2, but a little bigger than DS1 and DD... he was about half a lb bigger than the older 2, and half a lb smaller than DS2. to that rotten OB!

Good luck with your shopping day!

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
I like my Drs bc they are not u/s happy like other drs I have had but I have no clue how baby is measuring.
Meh, don't base too much on the u/s anyways I had 4-5 u/s with DD, 2 with DS1, 3 (plus a couple really quick, like 1-2 minute, ones to check positioning) with DS2. Then 1 with DS3 until we did one at 41+2
So far I've only had the 1 with Hiccup. Don't foresee any others.
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