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I've figured out how we develop "dipe addiction"

In my quest for dipes, longies, etc, I have found something.

Today for example, I had a thought. I *love* longies. I love them and I want lots of them!

I am in the Kozy coop and have 4 pairs of longies and a soaker coming to me, in a couple weeks. The thing is, I want them NOW.

I was just about to post that I am ISO longies, girly, size large. Why would I do that? I have 2 pairs now, I'm about to order one from another mama, I have those Kozy ones coming and I likely will want to order some from One Mad Giraffe (ontariomama).

I won't want to wait that long though, so I will scour FSOT until I find what I want, and I will HAVE those longies in my possession and suddenly, all the ones I ordered will begin to arrive and alas, I'll have too many.

I did this already with Mutts and PeeWells. I bought a bunch because I forgot I had all my Berry Plush and 8 custom fitteds coming. When they all arrive, I will have MORE than enough dipes. Too many in fact, add those to the longies I've ordered and guess what, I have a problem.

*sigh* Can anyone else relate??
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