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Re: TTC while Breastfeeding Grads! ~Month of October~

Hi mamas!

Glad you're feeling a little better Stephanie. . .man, I complain as it is about pg and mine are pretty typical/good. I can't imagine how you cope and manage to stay sane! Can't wait to find out gender with you. I was the same way. . .thinking/hoping girl, but also really worried about being disappointed so I got so okay with the idea of another boy that it was almost weird to find out we were having a girl!

I am enjoying the cooler weather, although it comes and goes here--it's not unusual to have hot temps even into Oct here. But it's been rainy and cool this week which is a nice change. Everything is good with my pg, but I have been so moody. . .I don't know what's wrong with me. DH and I keep getting into arguments. I don't know if it's just wacky pg hormones, or if I'm really that worried about having #2. And I'm just tired all the time. . .I don't remember it being like this when I was pg with ds.

Anywho, ds turned 2 this past weekend! Woot! Can't believe it. And he's sttn and down to about 3-4 short BFing sessions in a whole day. I've finally bought some "new baby coming" type books for him and he's really into reading them, so I'm hoping some of that will start to sink in. He's basically oblivious otherwise. I'm getting worried about the logistics of his care with our homebirth, we don't have family close. . .I'm not worried at all about the birth itself, just about where/how he's going to be! Pg is so different the second time around.
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