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Re: Spina bifida occulta

My best friends son was diagnosed with this last winter. He was 11 and had started having frequent UTIs, and he has the birthmark so his doc ordered tests and sure enough he has spina bifida occulta.

When we were reading the info on the web about this, it can look pretty scary. However, this particluar kind of spina bifida can also be completely benign. With my friends son, he has been going to the nearest Shriner's hospital. He will eventually have to have surgery to detach the bottom of his spine to the tissue that it's "stuck" to. (This was the problem... In his particular instance of spina bifida oculta the end of the spine is attached where it shouldn't be and as the child grows, it will cause stress to the spine.) The surgery is routine and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Do NOT assume the worst on this, but DO make sure you have a good doctor (a specialist) and familiarize yourself w/ the symptoms of potential issues. If my friends doc didn't look into the UTIs thoroughly like she did, they wouldn't have found this and the whole process to getting him better would have been delayed.

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