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Post Calling All TTA Charting Addicts!

I'm a charting addict! We practice Natural Family Planning and I love to talk charts! I was thinking of joining in the Charting Addicts thread in TTC, but I'm not TTC! so I thought I'd start one here and see if there is anyone else that would like to join me for some chit chat

If so, just fill in the info below and we can get this started!

Screen name:
DH or SO:
Other DC and ages:
TTA Methods:
Link to your chart:


Name: Theresa
Screen name: ecomama2b
DH or SO: married to John
Other DC and ages: A (17 yrs), B (6 yrs), M (4 yrs), J (10 months)...also an angel baby Mark
TTA Methods: NFP and Lea's Shield/natural spermicide when fertile
Link to your chart: My Ovulation Chart

Name: Katelynne
Screen name: dragonfly263544
DH or SO: J
Other DC and ages: From my previous marriage: DD (4) DD (1.5), SO has 4 kids of his own
TTA Methods: FAM with abstinence during definite fertile periods, condoms/withdrawl for "iffy" times
Link to your chart: Here

Name: Jessica
Screen name: jjgammon
DH or SO: Rickey
Other DC and ages: Kahlan & Elliott
TTA Methods: Charting on OvuView Android app- condoms when I'm fertile.


Name: Tia
Screen name: Sandhillcranes
DH or SO: Will
Other DC and ages: DS E is 2.5 almost 3, DD P is 5mos
TTA Methods: Using condoms atm.


Name: Kim
Screen name: Kimmiepie
DH or SO: DH
Other DC and ages: DD 11, DS 10, DS 6, DS 3, DS 9mos
TTA Methods: Ladycomp with withdrawl, but chart b/c it's fun
Link to your chart:


Name: Macy
Screen name: macyllehub
DH or SO: Damon
Other DC and ages: Daunika 6, Aurora 4, Declan 2 and Kalani 8 mo
TTA Methods: FemCap and beginning to chart again!
Link to your chart:


Name: Hope
Screen name:Blesdfish
DH or SO:Mark, married 7 years
Other DC and ages: jack, 5.5; Silas, 3.5; Mercy, 2; Iris, 6/2/12.
TTA Methods: abstain, WD
Link to your chart: My Chart


Name: Denise
Screen name: mommy2wyatt
DH or SO: Brady
Other DC and ages: W & L both 5.5
TTA Methods: Monitor, condoms during fertile times
Link to your chart: I'm not sure if this is right? My Ovulation Chart || Ovulation Chart
mama to 5 boys and 1girl!, married to my BFF! doula/ childbirth educator/ LLL Leader

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